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Let`s talk and have fun (27/19)

Foto: © LiliiGraphie -, English Holiday Camp for Teens, akademie am see. Koppelsberg

Take part in a multi-activity camp, all the time improving your English! In the mornings we will have an informal classroom atmosphere with experienced English teachers who can improve your teenager’s level of language ready for the new school year. We will cover basic and intermediate Grammar and vocabulary, with a specially prepared English workbook. We also have fun interactive classroom learning games, they are very original! In the afternoons we will have activities for everyone including a week long theatre group, ending with a performance, and organised games including football skills, basketball, table tennis and swimming. Or if your’e not sporty, drawing, cartooning, and craft skills will be taught. Bring along your musical instrument also and show off your skills! Tony will have his guitar maybe we can write a song! We will have some free time in the evening before a film show with some of the latest movies, shown in English with subtitles if required. What more could you want? Come along and have a great time!


What we will do 

– Texts, songs, sketches, language games, discussions, interviews and reports  

– Leisure activities: Football, basketball, table tennis, swimming in the lake, music, drawing, cartooning, theater group, craft skills, movie nights, campfire

Who can take part 

Teenagers, at least 13 years old  

Mind. 14, max. 18 Teilnehmer/innen 


akademie am see. Koppelsberg
Koppelsberg 7
D-24306 Plön
Tel +49 (0)4522/7415-0
Fax +49 (0)4522/7415-18
Fax +49 (0)4522.7415-18
Minard, Nancy
Hodson, Antony James
Mo., 05.08., 9:00 bis Fr., 09.08., 16:30 Uhr
bei Buchung bis 09.06: 294,00 Euro (danach: 324,00 Euro) inkl. VP, zzgl. ÜN