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Global English and Intercultural Skills (27.08.2018, 38/18)

Foto: © ChristArt -, Bildungsurlaub Global English 2018, akademie am see. Koppelsberg

The challenges of dealing with intercultural interactions can be stressful. You can already speak English, but in some situations you feel you don't have quite the right words. Or maybe you don't have strategies to manage particular situtations. In this course, you will build sensitivity to cultural differences and gain building blocks to communicate more effectively and with empathy, at the office, in educational fields, or the social sector.

With goal-oriented exercises such as role play, group activities, strategic tasks, self-reflection, and student-led discussions we will train skills in different areas. And we will also take advantage of this beautiful location, with a field trip planned for enhancing skills learned in class.



  • What is culture? Awareness and assumptions
  • Introductions and my elevator pitch
  • Small talk and social interaction with other cultures
  • Politeness: enough or too much?
  • Emails: getting the tone and register right
  • Positive Language: the how, when and why of putting things in a positive light
  • Saying "no" and other uncomfortable scenarios
  • Misunderstandings: avoiding and handling them
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace
  • International meetings


  • Anyone with intercultural challenges at work. Participants should have around a B2 English level.
    Special notes: Bring a lap top, smart phone or tablet to access the internet via wifi for in-class use.

Participants: Min 8, max 16

This seminar is recognized as educational leave in Schleswig-Holstein.

Mo., 27.08., 10:00 bis Fr., 31.08., 16:00 Uhr
bei Buchung bis 29.06.: 528,00 Euro, danach 558,00 Euro, inkl. VP, zzgl. ÜN
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Foto: © ChristArt -, Bildungsurlaub Global English 2018, akademie am see. Koppelsberg